Adjusting to My Host School

My homeschool is a small liberal arts college in central New York. At my school, most classes have between 10 and 40 students. I have taken one class with roughly 80 students. Small liberal arts college often pride themselves on students being able to form meaningful relationships with their professors and classmates because of theContinue reading “Adjusting to My Host School”

Fighting FOMO and Homesickness Pt. 1

I’ve been in London for a few weeks now and I must say, I’m starting to miss home During my study abroad orientation we were warned of this part of the transition period. They started off by telling us that everything would be new and exciting for a while, but that would likely be followedContinue reading “Fighting FOMO and Homesickness Pt. 1”

My Trip to the Emirates!

In Jamaica, it’s probably impossible to walk into someone’s home and not find a football (soccer) fan there. My home in Jamaica was no different. The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most widely watched football leagues in the world. I grew up hearing shouting at the TV, and hands slapping the wallContinue reading “My Trip to the Emirates!”

A Bit About Me Before I Head to London!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited for my semester abroad in London! Check out the link below to learn a bit about me and what I hope to get out of the experience. And a big thank you to the Fund for Education Abroad for contributing to my time abroad! Diamond’s Pre-departure Video! (I should haveContinue reading “A Bit About Me Before I Head to London!”

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