Paris and Amsterdam Trip!

One thing I was looking forward to about my semester abroad was being able to travel not just around London but to other countries in Europe as well. During a short break from school, some friends and I took a trip to Paris and Amsterdam.

We spent our time in each city doing quite touristy things. On our first day in Paris we visited the Eiffel Tower. We did not go to the top, but we took some cool photos of and with the tower. I was amazed by its height, which I’ve learned is 984 ft tall.

While in Paris, we met a friend who is studying there for the semester. She took us to a restaurant called L’Etoile d’Afrique, where we had some amazing Senegalese dishes. I still have dreams about how perfectly the plantains were fried.

We also visited the famous Louvre Museum during our stay. We saw amazing and world famous pieces of art including the Mona Lisa. Inspired by Beyonce and Jay Z, we also took the opportunity to record our own short music video to their song Apesh*t for which they shot the video inside the Louvre. We were there towards the closing hours, so it wasn’t too disruptive.

On our last day in Paris we took a trip to the outskirts of the city to visit Disneyland. We had an awesome time getting on rides, and seeing the firework show at the end of the day. Capping our stay in Paris with a day at an amusement park was a great way to conclude the first leg of our trip.

While in Amsterdam we took the first day to rest and walk around the neighborhood a little. We visited souvenir shops and convenience stores, and ate an a restaurant called Pasta Pasta, but that was about it. The next day we visited the Moco Museum where we saw less traditional art pieces like those in the Louvre, and more modern and street art pieces.

We also went on a boat tour around a part of the city. We got to see areas that we had not ventured to by foot.

Overall we enjoyed our stays in Paris and Amsterdam, and look forward to visiting other cities in Europe!

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